Proven E-Commerce Marketing Strategy to Boost Business Growth

Alpesh Patel
5 min readJun 18, 2022

Businesses are moving towards digital transformation with the world pacing increasingly fast to online shopping. Everything customer needs are available online, with multiple competing businesses pushing their limits. With such a competition, businesses that will stand out for their audience will get the right audience back. Getting new customers, bringing them back, or retaining them are all three important to keep a business running with mind-blowing profits. ECommerce Marketing Strategy holds the business steady and helps it grow in conversions, customers, and revenue. The fact that its purpose does not end after bringing conversion, but ensuring the conversion into money-investing customer makes it essential for businesses. Let us learn about it in a full-fledged manner.

What is E-commerce Marketing?

E-commerce Marketing is one of the effective marketing tactics to generate high conversion on the online store website, converting those major leads into paying customers and ensuring to retain the customer post-purchase with different tactics. The concept of E-commerce marketing is changing the conventional ways of the world and engaging businesses to go beyond the limit to hold the customer.

A full-proof marketing strategy can help build brand awareness, increase digital sales, and drive-in customer loyalty toward a brand. All three aspects are important for businesses and must be focused on with a strategic plan. With the right systematic plan, one can easily boost business revenue. Let us learn about the tips that are proven to be helpful.

  1. Identify Audience
  2. Map Customer Journey
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Optimize with SEO
  5. Engage in Influencer Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Optimize for Mobile
  8. Retargeting
  9. Offer Incentives
  10. Reduce Abandoned Carts
  11. Personalization
  • Identify Audience: Digital Marketing Strategy is one segment of marketing strategies that ensures conversion by targeting the right audience. One aspect of growing a business comes along when the potential audience is targeted with the right piece of information. That comes with thorough industry research, and competitors’ relevancy is understood. Focusing and strategizing according to the right audience generates more conversion retainable customers than going ahead with a generalized marketing strategy.
  • Map Customer Journey: Understanding the pattern followed by the audience brings out the ways one can attract an audience. The customer journey showcases the interaction between the audience and the company, which provides the audience’s perspective and touchpoints. ECommerce Marketing Strategy 2022 recommends working on the audience’s touchpoints and providing what they are looking for with proper optimization.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: The measurable amount of revenue generated by a customer from the beginning to the end, which is their last purchase, is known as Customer Lifetime Value. It plays an essential role because it provides a better understanding of how much to spend on customer acquisition. The higher your LTV, the more company can spend on getting potential customers. With LTV, one can easily understand and evaluate client retention efforts.
  • Optimize with SEO: It is considered that optimizing the website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will bring in organic search traffic. Whenever someone wants to look up a specific item, that person switches to Google without a second thought. If the website is optimized to show up at the top of Google searches, it will get organic conversions without any hassle. Benefiting from Google’s search engine can do wonders for online stores!
  • Retargeting: The current day user has plenty of options to choose from. The concept of retargeting focuses on lapsed users to remind them of the company with emails, ads, and many more mediums. Sometimes the customer visits the website and forgets about it after providing the email address. With a retargeting e-commerce marketing strategy, brands remind those users and attract them based on their customer journey and interests.
  • Engage in Influencer Marketing: The increased engagement brands get from Influencer Marketing is immense since they directly target celebrities’ fanbases. The latest example of Influencer Marketing that stepped up the revenue game was by McDonald’s when they launched BTS Meal all over the globe. BTS fanbase, a K-Pop Band, went over the head to the nearest outlet and bought the meal without even thinking twice. Businesses can do the same or opt for Social Media Marketing Services to highlight the brand!
  • Offer Incentives: Businesses are cashing in revenues from their loyal customers by providing them with offer incentives. The concept works on providing profitable customers with offers, coupons, or discounts on their next purchase to lure them and buy more products or services. It is one of the most effective tactics and forms a cycle around brand and customer.
  • Email Marketing: Approaching the audience via their provided email address is a potential strategy to attract users. Enterprises use proper content marketing strategies to develop fresh, eye-catching content to bring the audience to the online store. Hire the best email marketing specialists and watch them bring great conversions to the website with an incredible customer conversion ratio.
  • Abandoned Carts: It is considered a monetary loss if your customer abandons the cart steadily without purchasing. Any reason can cause abandoned carts, be it taxes too high, complicated checkout process, website crash, or delivery too slow. A brand must work on the issues caused and bring back the customer with retargeted email. Once the cart abandonment is reduced, the business will accelerate!
  • Optimize for Mobile: With people always on their phones, it is beneficial for businesses to have their online stores get website mobile optimization. People look up products and services on phones more than on their laptops or setups. Have your website optimized according to your phone, and watch your customers enjoy the navigation and responsiveness that encourages them to become your brand’s loyal customers.
  • Personalization: Last but not the least, personalization ensures amazing relatability with the brand and encourages the audience to engage increasingly. Personalization is one of the major E-commerce marketing strategies that work effectively with the audience.


Businesses are putting 100% into promoting and establishing their brands to a level where the cycle of continuous customer purchase comes into motion. To reach that point, strategies need to be solid with a proper understanding of the targeted audience and what goes behind their minds and behavior. The online stores are working on creating a digital presence that ensures their clients and customers visit occasionally and trust the brand!